Tibet Alive

The Office of Tibet and the International Campaign for Tibet
invite you to join in recognizing the 65th anniversary of
the unwavering spirit and determination of the Tibetan people

Monday, March 11, 2024
5:00pm   |   Reception
6:00pm   |   Program

Congressional Auditorium – CVC 200
US Capitol Visitor Center
Washington, DC

Tibet Alive celebrates the strength and determination of the Tibetan people in keeping their culture, religion, language alive and their ongoing resistance to the pressures put upon them, their community and nation by the People’s Republic of China. We know the dire situation the Tibetan people face inside Tibet, here we will honor those that have been fighting for freedom and justice against a brutal authoritarian regime.

Tibet Alive celebrates the continued support the Tibetan people have received from the US Congress with the recent passage of the Resolve Tibet Act in the House of Representatives and push for passage in the Senate this year.

Tibet Alive celebrates His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the leader and source of inspiration to the Tibetan people over these 65 years. His Holiness’ message of non-violence, compassion and his unending determination in keeping the Tibetan religion, culture and language alive.

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