Read what participants have said about Lobby Day and view their photos!

Testimonials from previous Tibet Lobby day participants:

“I felt like we were accomplishing something serious … No way can China’s PR spin negate the effect of one genuine and normal Tibetan guy telling it like it is from the heart”
“All in all, this was an eye opening experience for me since I have never seen real Capitol Hill, Congress building and how lawmakers works. This was an amazing experience for all of us. I encourage future board members to participate in such meetings.”
“During the 2 days, we consistently heard from the Foreign Relations assistants/advisors about the greater impression that face-to-face meetings made over other mediums of lobbying for support.”
“The event was impeccably detailed and well organized” 

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  • This activity really makes a world of difference to the people inside Tibet who have no real voice in determining their future in any meaningful way under Chinese occupation.

    I am so grateful to have had the honor to work with ICT during the annual Tibet Lobby Days over the years. Its important that we as Americans speak to our elected officials and let them know that the issues of human rights and basic human freedoms for Tibet are important on many levels.

    Thank you ICT for all the hard work and effort each year to help make this happen! Its a true blessing to speak out for core values that seek to improve the lives of not only Tibetans but also the rest of the entire human family on the planet.

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